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Secret features of Skype application

skySkype is one of the popular applications used by all users to talk with their friends and relatives using video calls. This application can be downloaded from and installed in PC or Smartphone. Skype contains so many emoticons which can be accessed by just clicking on the smiley button available at top of compose message box. To add that emoticons the user just needs to type the related symbol or word. The user can also explain about a presentation to their friends without sending them the real video taken at that time. To use this option the user need to click share screen option. Skype fonts can be changed using IM appearance feature available in tools menu. Contacts of friends can be shared to any other friend by dragging the contact name to chat window.

If more number of person use the same name in contact list just change it with rename options available in contact lists. This can also be done using chat window using notepad icon available near the contact name. If any typo mistake is found in message, that can be edited before sending it to other person. For user convenience they can keep the chat history on computer and that can also be protected using privacy settings. The period which the history stays in system can be set by the user. If you have any annoying conversations in Skype application that can be deleted using leave conversation. Some secret conversations can be hided using notification settings available in tools menu. The necessary information about contact can be found anywhere in Skype chat. Caller ID can be set for all outgoing calls and verification will be done with SMS. That verification code should be typed into the web form. To use this entire feature the user should download Skype from internet.


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