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Mobile Spy Review

images (34)There are several software packages¬† available designed to display and record information on cellphone use out there. This mobile spy review will outline the key pros and cons of a package that records more than just information of telephone calls. This package is ideal for parents worried about their children’s use of mobile phones as well as companies keen to monitor worker use of company mobile phones.

The application is easily installed onto most mobile phones such as iPhone, Blackberry mobile phones, Android, Symbian, and Windows mobile phones. It boots up whenever the cellphone is started and runs in the background without the user recognizing. This implies that the user will see absolutely no symbols or any mention of the application in any of the cellphone options. The customer will operate the cellphone in the normal way and be unacquainted with any tracking. The individual monitoring the mobile phone’s use can sign in to a secure online control panel anywhere on the globe with a password and username. The control panel then shows a range of usage information immediately. The user will be completely not aware this information is being utilized. For companies this invisible feature indicates that an accurate representation of cellphone utilization is given as the worker is unacquainted with the tracking going on. A lot of information is organised on the control panel such as call records, sms messages, GPS locations and emails. However this brilliant software goes further recording pictures, memos and video clips, calendar events, tasks and browser backgrounds. All of this information is organised and shown safely which indicates privacy is maintained throughout the tracking process. Because the control panel is secured the user can access the details anywhere on the globe on any PC without concern of unauthorized¬†data capture.

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