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Improvisation Of The Videos Through Systematic Procedure

Video EnhancerWhile shooting a video the camera settings have to be adjusted accordingly. Many a times the video does not come out properly as it is supposed to. So video which is digitalized is easy to use with a good software the video quality can be improved. Some other special effects can also be added to the video. The video editor of the Movavi has 11filters of professional use, automatic of four and more than 20 plus filters of artistic use.

The type of video enhancer is as follows:

  • Automatic enhancers – the correction of the format of video is done by automatic enhancers. By doing so the quality of the video increases. More so the changes are not manual rather it is automatic. There is a contrast mode in the automatic version which makes the pictures light and dark accordingly. Then there is a saturated automatic enhancer which saturates the color of the image. Magic enhance does adjustments in the color, contrast in the colors and also improves the quality. Whereas the white balance improves the relativity of the light and removes any gray parts.
  • Enhancement of the video professionally – in such enhancers the changes is made automatically. Even an amateur can use the tools of the video. To make it professional color balance, contrast, saturation level and sharpening of the picture is done. No longer will the image be blurred and even if the moving objects appear blurred it can be easily rectified by the sharpening level. Hence the pixels are easily adjustable. But a negative impact of the sharpening effect is that it can cause noise for which another filter has to be made. Similarly if the shot is not taken against the backdrop of the sunlight or even if it is against it the picture can be dark for which a brightening filter has to be done and by doing so the shadows are enhanced. You can also do away with the problem of interlacing.
  • For artistic effects – the best part of the software is that you can filter as many effects as possible and even make the picture into black and white mode.

Therefore for all the above given effects you have to download the Movavi video editor and by going through a step wise procedure you can have the best video enhancer at your disposal where you can split the video and also add transition.


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