Mobile Spy Review

images (34)There are several software packages  available designed to display and record information on cellphone use out there. This mobile spy review will outline the key pros and cons of a package that records more than just information of telephone calls. This package is ideal for parents worried about their children’s use of mobile phones as well as companies keen to monitor worker use of company mobile phones.

The application is easily installed onto most mobile phones such as iPhone, Blackberry mobile phones, Android, Symbian, and Windows mobile phones. It boots up whenever the cellphone is started and runs in the background without the user recognizing. This implies that the user will see absolutely no symbols or any mention of the application in any of the cellphone options. The customer will operate the cellphone in the normal way and be unacquainted with any tracking. The individual monitoring the mobile phone’s use can sign in to a secure online control panel anywhere on the globe with a password and username. The control panel then shows a range of usage information immediately. The user will be completely not aware this information is being utilized. For companies this invisible feature indicates that an accurate representation of cellphone utilization is given as the worker is unacquainted with the tracking going on. A lot of information is organised on the control panel such as call records, sms messages, GPS locations and emails. However this brilliant software goes further recording pictures, memos and video clips, calendar events, tasks and browser backgrounds. All of this information is organised and shown safely which indicates privacy is maintained throughout the tracking process. Because the control panel is secured the user can access the details anywhere on the globe on any PC without concern of unauthorized data capture.

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Secret features of Skype application

skySkype is one of the popular applications used by all users to talk with their friends and relatives using video calls. This application can be downloaded from and installed in PC or Smartphone. Skype contains so many emoticons which can be accessed by just clicking on the smiley button available at top of compose message box. To add that emoticons the user just needs to type the related symbol or word. The user can also explain about a presentation to their friends without sending them the real video taken at that time. To use this option the user need to click share screen option. Skype fonts can be changed using IM appearance feature available in tools menu. Contacts of friends can be shared to any other friend by dragging the contact name to chat window.

If more number of person use the same name in contact list just change it with rename options available in contact lists. This can also be done using chat window using notepad icon available near the contact name. If any typo mistake is found in message, that can be edited before sending it to other person. For user convenience they can keep the chat history on computer and that can also be protected using privacy settings. The period which the history stays in system can be set by the user. If you have any annoying conversations in Skype application that can be deleted using leave conversation. Some secret conversations can be hided using notification settings available in tools menu. The necessary information about contact can be found anywhere in Skype chat. Caller ID can be set for all outgoing calls and verification will be done with SMS. That verification code should be typed into the web form. To use this entire feature the user should download Skype from internet.


Enjoy the music in second with You Tube to Mp3 downloader

youtubeIn some simple steps videos available to convert the videos into any types of formats based on user choice is using You Tube to Mp3 converter. By simply pasting the You Tube link into the tab the user can easily convert the video into mp3 format with high quality. The user can use any type of operating systems like windows, Macos, Linux they can download this application to convert the videos. High quality videos can be moved into user hard drive by pasting the URL of video. This application lets user to organize the various songs and videos downloaded from You Tube and keep that in handy searchable playlist. They can also store the song in their local drive in HD format. This application from is entirely free and secure to user operating system. List of downloaded files are available and sorted based on their format, size, and length. This converter contains numerous and high quality features to convert the videos. The file destination to store the video should be selected from the menu and the download will be made on that folder.

The attractive design of this converter support various file formats and so the conversion can be made to various other formats. The browser extension available in website helps easy conversion and storing procedures. This converter is designed to strive easy and fast access to user. The conversion of videos to any type of other formats like wmv, mov, mp4, avi, mp3 is easy. To download video the user need to copy the You Tube link of that particular video. After that the user should press the convert button available in the application and after that should select the format in which the video should be downloaded. Based on the internet speed the video will be downloaded to the user machine faster.


Find the best features of the Rich Media Player

lyricsMedia player is very important tool for hearing music better with an excellence of song playing elements used by it. The music lovers should be very careful in choosing the best media player if they want to hear the songs with the high quality interface. Generally, most of the music players are occupied mostly by the buttons, played music, interface elements, and sliders. When one music player gives a real feel of music with the clear lyrics and sound, it will be better for all types of music. Rich media player has been such kind of music player providing the best interface and control to view and hear songs what people want. This media player will cover all the media files persons can just imagine. It does not require codecs for playing media files. All formats of music will be suitable for this rich media player such as wmv, 3gp, rm, M4v, Mpeg, Mpa, flv, wma, avi, wav, mkv, wmv and many more formats will be suitable and played by this media player.

This rich media player is also completely platform independent suitable for all windows platforms such as windows xp, 7, vista, and also windows 8. This rich media player must rely on its individual codec collections to enable support for the playback of all video and audio formats. If the people would like to watch movies, they need a subtitle option from the media player. This rich media player will also give a subtitle option to the players who can also change subtitle font, color, size and all other aspects. The media watchers can also able to add more numbers of playlists in different names according to their needs. If the online users want to want to download this beneficial rich media player, they can make use of this site online.


Kindle Fire HD Is The Absolute Favorite Tablet

download (4)Kindle Fire HD is a completely efficient tablet that has a Bluetooth, camera and a lot of applications are already on the app store. It has applications that you can download from 1 mobile for free. Plus the Amazon App Store gives you one free app a day.The Kindle Fire HD speakers are the best, it is developed to instantly improve the audio profile based on what you are doing such as watching a movie or paying attention to your sounds. This is an all purpose tablet that perform as windows onto Amazon’s wider multi-media world like movies, applications, music and destiny games are all included in the Kindle Fire HD.

The tablet is much easier, more pure design than the first Kindle. the display is nicely sharp and is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. This is the most powerful processor available on the industry, it’s well balanced, and has no problem with functions like HD video clips and 3D games. The Kindle Fire HD tablet is very accessible, just swipe right or left to get to the book you were studying or the music you were paying attention to the day before.Parents will love this tablet, creating profiles and set deadlines for children with Kindle Free Time. Easy to use parental controls lets the whole family enjoy, free of worry. Super fast web browsing over built in WiFi, and calender support for outlook, G mail, updated email and much more. There are plenty of tablets available on the industry to select from but if you want to get a quality product for a reasonable price go with the Kindle Fire HD. The Kindle Fire HD is light and very durable. It is only 12.2 oz. and is less heavy than ever also comfortable to hold in one hand. It is also developed to stand up to accidental scratches and bumps. The state of the art display is twenty times tougher and thirty times harder than plastic, so you can let your children play with no problems.