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The mobile phone- a revolution in communication

Person’s ability to surmount the odds placed against him and to appear winning, was nicely shown when the first design of the cellular cellphone was publicly shown by Dr. Martin Cooper, an worker at Motorola. The device considered nearly 1 kg then, but these days, the conventional cellular cellphone is a lot small and a lot convenient to carry around.

Along with the introduction of more recent technology, the basic functions of the cellular cellphone or téléphone portable (as the French like to refer to it), have also gone through a sea of changes and modifications, in order to give us the smooth cellular cellphone designs that we happily display these days.

The popularity of this device can be properly measured from the fact that the number of buyers of mobile mobile phones witnessed an increase from 12.4 million to 5.7 billion dollars, within a very short time period period of just two decades, that is, between 1990 and 2011.

As more functions were added to the conventional mobile mobile phones set, and the demand for them increased, more companies stepped into the industry, and though the first commercially available cellular cellphone, the DynaTAC 8000x cost around 3,995 dollars, the mobile mobile phones too are much less expensive, except, of course, the exclusive lines of high-end smartphones.

Due to the existence of so many brands and designs in the marketplace, the prices often decrease continuously, until a particular design of the cellular cellphone is no longer manufactured by the company. It would be interesting to note that the first widely available cellular network- an inextricable requirement of the cellular phone- was set up NTT, in Asia, in the year 1979. The cellular cellphone has been a veritable advantage for the human society, and has successfully bridged the holes between us, to make the world a compact sized place.


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