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Internet Monitoring Software – Is It worthy?

Internet MonitoringOnline tracking programs are used to spy on an individual’s web exercises. Current computer and spy applications can are able to observe everything that someone does on their phone or PC. It can keep a record of all text conversations, record all sent and incoming e-mail, record which sites the person goes to, and can even record phone calls. The applications and software operate in such a way that the person who is being spied on is unaware of the fact that they are being monitored. Only the person who installed the software is aware of and can do the monitoring.
There are many uses for an internet or phone tracking program. For example, one could use it to observe your kid’s web activity, spy on your significant other, or observe an employee’s internet usage while working in an office.

Is it worth it though? It really just depends on the person. While it may have some very useful and convenient features, others believe it’s a grave violation of a person’s privacy.

As parents, we believe we have the right to know what our kids are up to when we’re not there. The web can be a very risky place for children and should not be looked at lightly. But what happens if your kids find out you’re spy on them? How do you think your child will respond when they find out you were monitoring them? They will probably go ballistic on you and accuse you of violating their privacy. I would suggest telling them up front that you are aware of what they’ve been doing and explain why you are doing that. You do not need to let them know explicitly that you are implementing computer monitoring software, only that you already know what is occurring. It’s our duty as parents to protect our children and examine their protection in any regard we can.

While you do have to physically install the software on their computer or device, you can examine their actions from another computer or mobile device. This makes it easy to monitor your child from just about anywhere.

A lot of other people will use a spy app or computer software to find out if their spouse is cheating on them. This can be a very risky endeavor though. One of my buddies found out his now ex-girlfriend was cheating on him by monitoring her email account. If you feel there is something wrong, you will want to find out the truth. And that’s why many people often turn to spy applications. If you do decide to use internet monitoring software to spy on your significant other, be careful to not let them find out. You definitely have the right to know if your significant other is stepping out on you or not.

Employee tracking programs at the workplace have also become popular as of late. Much like any boss out there, you want to know your employees are actually working and not goofing off at their work stations. With computer monitoring software, it is very possible to observe several employees at the same time. Is it ethical though? That seems to be up for debate these days, but I say absolutely.


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